Zimbabwe: Election 2008 in Pictures

casharchfist.jpgspaceRusapetreeStrikerPotholesCokeMDC SupporterOld CarPublic ServiceYes PosterClear MessageSign of the TimesGraffitidsc_0069.jpgAgainst SimbaProud SupporterMDC SupportersNot the EnemySimba in 2Burger BundlesZANU PF HQStreet ‘n Poster


  1.  Useless Zimbabwe dollar notes, Harare, 21 March 2008<!–[endif]–>
  2.  the Zimbabwe Independence Arch on the way to Harare International Airport, 21 March 2008<!–[endif]–>
  3. “The fist “ is Mugabe’s key message in the election as seen in this poster taken at Bromley Store on the Mutare-Harare Highway
  4. Political party posters fight for space on the wall of a public toilet in Robert Mugabe Way, Harare, 21 March 2008
  5. Will he climb the tree to the presidency? A Simba Makoni poster just outside Marondera, 80 km outside Harare to the east, 22 March 2008
  6. Every imaginable space has been taken up by posters. Rusape, 22 March, 2008
  7. As counter to MDC’s “Red Card” campaign, here Mugabe is depicted as the central footbal striker, Mutare, 22 March 2008
  8.  In a clear sign of the collapse of local government, individuals now fill in potholes on the roads and ask motorists for monetary donations. Mutare, 22 March 2008
  9. When the photographer passed by this flyover on 22 March he saw this injunction not to put up posters…
  10. When requested for a photograph this MDC supporter was wary and covered his face. Dangamvura, Mutare, 22 March 2008
  11. Even old and non-functional vehicles provide ample space to get a message across…Dangamvura, Mutare, 23 March 2008
  12. Public service. Chikanga, Mutare, 23 March 2008
  13. Ignoring the “no-poster” injunction Mugabe adorns the walls of a flyover. Sakubva, Mutare, 23 March 2008
  14.  A clear message. Sakubva, Mutare, 23 March 2008<!–[endif]–>
  15. A sign of the times at a railway crossing in Headlands, east of Harare, 23 March 2008
  16. Discontent in graffiti, Latham Road, Avondale, Harare, 24 March 2008
  17. Posters outside the Main Post Office, Harare, 21 March 2008
  18. A message against Simba Makoni, Cannaught Road, Avondale, Harare, 24 March 2008
  19.  A proud supporter, Albion Street, Harare, 25 March 2008
  20. MDC posters adorn every nook of Harare. Nelson Mandela Avenue, 25 March 2008
  21. Having confirmed that I was not the “enemy”, this supporter gladly posed for a photo, Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare, 25 March 2008
  22. Simba Makoni in two places, Mazowe Avenue, Harare, 25 March 2008
  23. Just enough to buy a burger. Bundles of notes at the Chicken Inn, Samora Machel Avenue, 25 March 2008
  24.  ZANU PF Headquarters, Harare, 26 March 2008
  25.  A street and a poster, Harare, 26 March 2008


All Photographs by Chris Kabwato (kumbirayi@gmail.com)




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