Message from the Project Co-ordinator

Dear Subscribers,

Many thanks for your overwelming response to our photo-newsletter. This is our final edition. As you read this Zimbabweans and the world –at-large are sitting on the edge – anxious to know the full results. We hope that the country will soon be back on track and return to its glorious days…

I would like to thank NiZA (Netherlands Institute of Southern Africa – for the grant they gave us so we could travel around Harare and other places taking photos of a potentially historic election. Finally, I express my gratitude to the team that did much of the work – Linda Gabriel, Taurai Maduna, Shalen Gajadhar, Levi Kabwato and Luthando Kiti.

This project is likely to continue in one form or other and I will keep you posted on that. Once again many thanks to you.




Download Edition 4 here.


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