Zimbabwe waits…

Zimbabweans today continue to wait to hear the final the outcome of the weekend General Elections. Taurai Maduna brings part of the unfolding drama in Harare.

Tower of hope?Filing, Filing, FilingAnd the winner is…The Observers say…There when it happensSecurity warningsZanu transport


1.The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s National Command Centre at the Rainbow Towers’ Harare International Conference Centre. This is where election results are being announced and broadcast live on national radio and television.


2. An Al-Jazeera Arabic reporter files a story on the delay of the announcement of election results outside the Zimbabwe Election Commission’s National Command Centre in Harare.


3. Announcement of election results is being beamed inside the National Command Centre where journalists are monitoring the figures being released.


4. José Marcos Barrica, Head of the SADC Election Observer Mission reading the preliminary statement issued on March 30, 2008

5. A SABC outside broadcast van parked outside Meikles Hotel. SABC is one of the few foreign broadcasters that have been allowed into Zimbabwe to cover the elections.

6. Augustine Chihuri, Police Commissioner General, addressing the media where he announced that the security forces in Zimbabwe where on high alert.

7. One of the many ZANU-PF buses that where used in the election campaign. The buses where bought by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe


One response to “Zimbabwe waits…

  1. Lilian Ndangam

    They say a picture is more than a thousand words. I enjoyed viewing the elections as captured by your lens. It reflected different aspects of what may turn out to be a historic elections in the country. Keep up the good work.

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