Residents of Meyrick Park patiently queue for bread. 7 April

People stand in a queue waiting for their turn inside a Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) Branch on Cnr. Leopald Takawira and Nelson Mandela Avenues. 7 April

Two men jump into the cabin of a two-tonner in aneffort to get transport from the high density suburb of Warren Park to the City Centre. 8 April

The critical shortage of basic commodities and other foodstuffs has meant that Zimbabweans have to jump from one queue to the other in search of these. 8 April

Bread vendors lay their ‘wares’ and wait on customers to come by along this road in Kambuzuma township. 8 April

Residents queue for bread outside a food store in Central Harare. 7 April

Journalists and some members of the public wait outside the High Court of Zimbabwe to hear the outcome of a petition lodged by the MDC to force the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to release the March 28 presidential election results. 7 April

A man watches as Biker policemen patrol Angwa Street. 7 April

Pictures: Levi Kabwato


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