Return of the repressed…

Abusive – that is the term Elinor Sisulu used in describing Mugabe’s relationship with the people of Zimbabwe a few days ago on SABC’s Morning Live programme. It was a particularly incisive comment. It captured the essence of what has gone wrong with that dear country. A relationship of trust had broken down over a decade of madness – stealing elections, looting the state coffers, subverting the judiciary, militarization of the state and general anarchy led by the elite. Now when will of the people was beginning to manifest itself there was panic in the corridors of power. The defence chiefs met to deliberate on the horror unfolding before them – the docile people no longer wanted the old man in the office.

No one can stop an idea whose time has come said Victor Hugo. And the time had come. As I traversed the country a few days prior to the election the feeling of something more that a political earthquake was palpable. People had now hit rock-bottom and they wanted to swim back to the surface and to the shore. It was an exciting period. Everyone wanted to vote. Everyone believed change would come from the ballot box. But the old man with a Hilterite moustache had other ideas. Suddenly the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission began to play games – Elinor called it “choreography” – election results were announced in dribs and drabs.

The tragic charade continues…Two weeks after the elections we stand on the brink of catastrophe. Mugabe should not be allowed to subvert the will of the people.

We urge all Zimbabweans, and those who support our cause, to mobilize against ZANU PF thuggery, shamelessness and illegitimate hold to power. For our part we have revived the Zimbabwe Election in Photos newsletter and we will bring you the action as it unfolds in our country. This action is little compared to the work of the opposition parties, civil society and the media. But at this point every little bit counts…Don’t moan, organise!

Chris Kabwato

Project Coordinator

Download Edition 5


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