HIFA 2008: Poetry Scenes

There is a new voice on the Zimbabwean literary scene. It is the poetry of young people who flock to places such as the Book Café in Harare and “verb what they like”. The scene is flourishing and hearing the youth in action is an inspirational moment. HIVOS, the Dutch organisation, presented the Poetry Café at HIFA 2008. Some photos of the action below.

Outspoken (left) and Chirikure Chirikure (right) – both poets at the forefront of the Poetry Movement in Zimbabwe. Chirikure organised the poetry programme at HIFA 2008.

Brave young warriors. Poets for Human Rights are three young people who use the “Word” to mobilise.


2 responses to “HIFA 2008: Poetry Scenes

  1. Zimbabwe poets for human rights is not composed only of three individuals in the photograph. It is a movement of around53 poets dotted around the country advocating for the respect, rcognition, observance and defense of human rights using popetry as the main medium. Currently it is holding poetry forums in Harare at the US Embassy Public Affairs Section every second Tuesday of every month. The forums are not only about performances but the audience gets an opportunity to interrogate the content of the poetry. This is meant to unearth and expose uncouth practices that lie at the basis of human rights violations.

  2. Robson, thanks for pointing out that you are a collective of 53 poets. We wish you well in these trying times. Keep up the good work!

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